La vie est belle

Life is Beautiful

The hardest part for me to write about on my website is to tell you about who I am. Mostly because, when I am photographing, it is not at all about who I am but who YOU are. I feel like when I have my camera in my hands, I can magically draw out from my subject, the very core of who they are - the most beautiful part of them.

And that’s what I love about being a photographer. I love seeing the best in people, taking a picture of it, then showing it back to them. My whole goal is to have you love what you see and to feel wonderful about not only the image we end up creating, but the memory.

So, I guess that’s a little insight into who I am; I am an observer, an extroverted introvert who loves to soak in my surroundings, take pictures of how I feel and what I think then share them as art. I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I have the great benefit of traveling with my other job (I moonlight as a Flight Attendant) so I can see how people live all over the world. Once I read a quote that said photographers photograph what they are most afraid of losing, and I believe that with all my heart. I photograph youth, beauty, children, marriage, love and beautiful places. I photograph them because all of those things are fleeting, and the moments that we have with them are precious. I know that one day, my photographs will be all that is left of me and of the moments and people in my life, and for that reason, I am passionate about making the memories into beautiful, emotional art.


Heidi von Tagen